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He was my best friend.

John Watson and Sherlock Holmes @ livejournal

John and Sherlock @ Livejournal
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A community for all things John/Sherlock!

Welcome to johnsherlock a community for discussions and squee about John/Sherlock - the friendship, the pairing, the individual characters, and the actors. You don't have to only have to ship J/S to hang out here - multishippers and casual fans are welcome to join in. While we're primarily here for John and Sherlock discussion or squee about the show in general is welcome as long as it's relevant.

¤ No bashing, no exceptions. This includes all characters and pairings.

¤ All posts must be properly tagged with the existing tags (viewable in the sidebar). If a new tag is needed, please make a note in the entry.

¤ Any post with explicit content must be clearly identified and put behind a LJ-cut.

¤ Icons should have, at the most, three previews, before placing the rest behind a cut or by, providing a link to the work on your personal/graphics journal.

¤ Posts with spoilers must be clearly identified and have the information behind a cut. Spoilers are information about episodes and the series that has not been completely aired in the UK.

¤ Keep your pictures at a decent size. If you are posting photos, make sure the photo posted is a decent size. There is no standard required size, but please refrain from posting large photos outside of a cut.

¤ Please refrain from posting illegal episode download links.

¤ Your fanfic must be mainly about J/S and not another paring. Please use normal text, and you can add a banner if you want, but nothing to big.

¤ You cannot promote your community without asking the mods for authorization first, or your post will be deleted immediately.


Your mods are deductives, brokendream and random00. If you have any problems or questions, feel free to page us.

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