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Sherlock Fic: Metamorphosis

Title: Metamorphosis
Author: saki101
Characters/Pairings: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, Mycroft Holmes, Greg Lestrade, Molly Hooper, OCs
Rating: PG-13
Genre: slash, AU
Word Count: ~3.3K
Disclaimer: Sherlock is not mine and no money is being made.
A/N: Written for the 2016 Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon, to the prompt: shapeshifter.

Many thanks to my beta listener and plot hole finder, who wishes to remain anonymous, and without whom this fic would never have been finished.

Read Metamorphosis on AO3
or on LJ

Excerpt: Sherlock handed me the phone and started for the bridge. “You were right, Lestrade. Unless this turns out to be a very elaborate publicity stunt gone wrong, this might be a ten.”
Tags: character: dr john watson, character: lestrade, character: sherlock holmes, fanwork: fic
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