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Sherlock Fic: Penumbra (Addenda: Baskerville & Chapalu) - Missing Scenes

Title: Penumbra (Addenda: Baskerville & Chapalu)
Author: saki101
Characters/Pairings: John Watson/Sherlock Holmes, Mrs Hudson, Mike Stamford, Bill Wiggins, Mrs Turner, Mr Chatterjee, Bill Murray, Molly Hooper, Greg Lestrade
Rating: NC-17 (for the series)
Genre: slash
Word Count: ~15K (Addenda: Baskerville & Chapalu)
Disclaimer: Neither Sherlock nor Dark Shadows is mine and no money is being made.
A/N: Missing scenes that occurred before the final scene in Chapter Four: Beyond the Palings.
Overview: In Maine, there was Collinwood and the three centuries of history that were woven into its walls. In London, there is Holmeswood Manor (or the Manor on Baker Street as the urban legends have it), tucked now into a city street when once its oak woods rolled from the heath to the river.

John’s grown up with its stories of ghosts and wizards and things that hunt in the night. They are certainly not going to keep him from interviewing for a residential post at the Manor because he cannot afford London on an army pension and there could not possibly be any truth to the tales.

on AO3
Chapter One: Meet Me at Moonrise on LJ
Chapter Two: Sequestration on LJ
Chapter Three: Transfusions on LJ
Chapter Four: Beyond the Palings on LJ
Tags: character: dr john watson, character: lestrade, character: mrs hudson, character: sherlock holmes, fanwork: fic
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